Physical specifications
Size: 48 x 61 cm, 19 cm high.
Weight: 35.5 kg.
Consumption: 350 W

Technical specifications
Display: 30 cps printer on 9 cm. paper roll, no other numerical display.
Two status lights: one green (on=ready, flash=busy) and one red (on=error)
Precision: 22 digits, fixed decimal point with up to 15 decimal places.
Mathematical operations: add, subtract, multiply, divide and square root.
Memory: approx. 240 bytes total (see Memory organization for details) implemented as a metal wire acoustic delay line.
Storage: magnetic card recorder, allowing storage of program and/or data. Complex programs could be split on several cards to be read requentially.
Technology: All the electronics is built with discrete components (transistors, diodes, resistors and capacitors)

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