Web sites related to the Programma 101

Pier Giorgio Perotto, the engineer who developed the Programma 101, is nowadays president of Finsa Consulting. He has a page about his own biography, and a page about his book Programma 101.

Calculator Museums/collections that have a Programma 101

The computer museum of University of Amsterdam
They also have a very interesting emulator for a Programma 101 running on a PC!

The Museo didattico di Storia dell'Informatica (FTW Computer Museum)
They just list the Programma 101 amongst the machines they have.

Bolo's Computer Museum
Lists two Olivetti P101

Paul Pierce's Computer Collection Wish List
Programma 101 magnetic cards appear in the wish list.

Other pages of people that have a Programma 101

The page Personal computers before PC by Kennet Palmestål
Very little details, but a photo of the P101 appears.

The Istituto Tecnico "C. Róndani" (an italian school)
A photo of their old Programma 101, badly misdescribed (it says "programmed in hexadecimal")

Other pages mentioning the Programma 101

The page Gli esordi Olivetti e la CEP of the Virtual Computer Museum of an italian high school, the Istituto tecnico commerciale statale "Paolo Dagomari"

The Virtual Design Museum's page about Mario Bellini
(the designer of the P101 and other Olivetti calculators)

The "History of Leander McCormick Observatory" page about the Programma 101

The page on the history of the Numerical lab of Pisa Math University.

The page How things started by Guido Schoepp.

The biography page of Johann Plach

The Zeittafel of Adam-Haase-Bette

The page Tempos de antanho by Renato Sabbatini

The resume page of Graeme A Darroch

The resume page of Walter Schrewe

The historical page of Vermessungsamt Erding

The historical page of SCT Italia

Some Programma 101 material was auctioned for charity by the Boston Computer Museum in 1994

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